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Our e-mail service provides access from any computer with an Internet connection. You can also connect to your mail with the native e-mail app on your mobile device.

File Storage

Save your documents in the cloud and synchronize them with your team. We will keep them backed up—just in case.

Solid Support

4Fold was founded with the purpose of helping people. Our support staff provides top tier support.

Communicate with Your Team

Your team can share calendars, chat, and communicate easily.


“As most of my team works remotely, e-mail is essential. 4Fold has given me the confidence I need to make sure everything is going out and coming in. No worries. No hassle.”— Sarah A.

“Being able to sync and store many of my files with your provided cloud storage has made working from home or in the office, effortless.”— Amon M.

“Now that I have all the tools I use to get my job done in one place, my work output has doubled.”— Scott G.

“Your tech support was thorough, accurate, and fast. You restored our lost data and saved the day! Thanks so much; we’ll use your services again.”— Pam L.


4Fold is a tech services company striving to give our customers user-friendly tools. Our services are hosted in a premium tier III datacenter for maximum uptime and reliability. We will safeguard your data in an easy-to-use interface so you don't need to worry about it regardless of where you are.